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Welcome to Reflected Knowledge

I call my practice “Reflected Knowledge” for three reasons.

First, it’s my job to act as a mirror to help you discover what you already know.

Second, it’s my responsibility to give you advice based on a reflection of both the content and context of your needs.

Third, it is my honor to relay to you as much collected wisdom and experience from the larger knowledge management and organizational learning community as is appropriate for your situation.

Reflected Knowledge will host our current work (research, consulting and writing) in knowledge management, organizational learning and related subjects

Meanwhile, Ronin Journalist will host Steve Barth's past 27 years' work as an award-winning writer on subjects such as knowledge management, organizational learning, knowledge worker productivity, science & technology, travel and cultures, etc.--as soon as we get that site up, too.

Please note: We closed our old site,, in 2006.

Meanwhile, please visit the fascinating blog, Reflexions.

You can reach Steve at: